Control Panel (Part 1)


Parts and tools

To purchase control panels pre-assembled or in kit form, see our products page.

 The following parts are needed: 

You'll also need the following tools:

*Not required if building from one of our control panel kits. Our kit enclosures are custom made for us and result in less work for you. There is no need to move the ground post, no need to seal and sand the bottom cable plate, and no need to prime and paint as the enclosure is already professionally powder coated with an industrial flat textured charcoal/black finish.

**WARNING: The hole sizes will vary slightly based on the receptacle brand used. Before cutting, confirm the hole sizes required by measuring the actual receptacles you will be installing.

***Not required if you are building from one of our control panel kits and you opted to have the enclosure pre-punched.

Some sellers do not ship outside the USA. If you live outside the USA (like us), we recommend using a forwarding service such as Shipito. We've used them to ship to Canada. The good news is that shipping within the USA is very inexpensive or often free. You then simply pay a small forwarded fee plus the cost of whatever shipping method you choose (USPS, FedEx, etc). They will even consolidate multiple packages into one to save on shipping. We recommend USPS whenever possible to minimize brokerage fees.


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