Control Panel (Part 1)


STEP 8: Install lights and buzzer

Pilot lights of various colours are used: Blue for power, red for alarm, yellow for 'element on', and green for 'pump on'.

The lights are all LED pilot lights. The blue, red, and green are 100-120V AC while the yellow are 220-240V AC.

The LED lights we use are brighter and more evenly lit than the incandescent versions we tried and will last considerably longer, not to mention use less power.

The lights conform to the IP65 rating which means they are completely sealed from dust and can withstand water jets.

The 115V AC buzzer emits an annoying piercing shriek, loud enough to wake up just about any brewer after a long brew day.

To mount the lights and buzzer remove the plastic nut, push the light/buzzer through the panel hole (making sure that the rubber gasket is on the outside of the door), and then screw the plastic nut in place from the inside. Finger tight is fine. Do not use tools as you may crack the plastic.

22mm LED pilot lights and buzzer: