SYL-2352 PID temperature controller, 1/16 DIN size, SSR output, 85-264VAC supply


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There are hundreds of different brands and models of PIDs that will work for our application. The SYL-2352 is one reasonably priced option.

If you choose to use a different brand/model, make sure that it is 1/16 DIN sized, can be powered by 120VAC (or 220-250V if building a 240V panel), supports RTD temperature probes, has SSR output (not relay), and alarms (assuming you wish to use alarms). Most PID manufacturers will have a PID that meet these requirements as they are extremely common.

Please note that while the overal functionality will remain the same between PIDs, the wiring and initial setup instructions we've documented will most likely be different if another brand/model is used.

Need CSA/UL listed PIDs?  Consider Omron E5CN-Q2MT-500.

These parts are included in our control panel kits.


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