Control Panel (Part 1)


STEP 13: Install the handles

You may skip the drilling portion of this step if building from one of our control panel kits and you opted to have the enclosure pre-punched as we will already have done this work for you.

Handles are installed on the top, front, and bottom of the control panel. The handles make carrying easier and also protect the various controls from accidental damage.

The control panel is heavy enough that if it was to fall over on its front it's likely that some of the controls would be damaged. The handles were carefully chosen to be higher than the switches, lights, and buttons installed on the door: The handles are 1-3/8" high while the controls are at most 1" high.

The height of the handles used on the top of the control panel exactly matches the height of the custom heat sinks we offer on our products page.

The handles are usually sold in pairs. Two lengths were used: 

Screws are included in the handle kitsYou will need to cut the screws down to approximately 1/2" in length with a hacksaw since they're meant for installation through a thicker kitchen cabinet, not a thin metal box. 

Use a drill with a high speed steel (HSS) drill bit to create holes in the enclosure and install the handles. Be careful to not damage the polyurethane gasket on the door.


Door handles:

Handles installed on the front and bottom.
The handles are 1/4" higher than the door controls which helps protect them.

Careful when installing the door handles to not damage the polyurethane gasket: