Not everyone wants to build their own or source their own parts, so we've teamed up with an experienced US-based manufacturer to offer products in both assembled and kit form. Assembled products are carefully hand built, tested, and calibrated right in the USA.

Currently we offer the harder to build items pre-built and tested. These items take the most time and are the most complex. They are 90% of the work in building your brewery. The rest is straight forward and involves buying the kettles, pumps, and chiller and attaching a few pieces of plumbing to each. Anyone handy with a screwdriver and wrench should feel right at home following our instructions.

Control Panels, Parts, Accessories

Electric Brewery Control Panel

The control panel is the heart of our Electric Brewery. It is a 100% custom unit built to our exacting specifications using industrial-grade components.

Almost two years of work have gone into the design and development of this control panel to ensure that it works well ergonomically, is safe to use, and includes all the features a brewer could possible need. Go 100% electric for safe, easy, and enjoyable indoor brewing.

Various configurations are available either completely assembled and tested, or in kit form.

Want to build it yourself? Our kit enclosures are custom made for us and result in less work for you. 

Optional pre-punched enclosures and tapped heat sinks now available in our kits.

Our Price: $1495 USD (and up)   BUY NOW »

Control Panel Power Cord

The power cord is used to power your control panel.  It features a locking female connector for added safety. A ground fault interrupter (GFI) must also be used.

Our Price: $77 USD (and up)   BUY NOW »

Custom Black Anodized Heat Sink

Large black anodized heat sinks are nearly impossible to find at reasonable prices. We've partnered with a manufacturer to purchase these custom heat sinks in volume and then professionally anodize them in batches to reduce the cost.

10" wide, 5.375" wide, 1.375" high and 3.7 lbs.

Already included in all control panel kits.

Our Price: $72 USD   BUY NOW »

Control Panel Wiring Kit

This kit is intended for someone who wants to source all of the major control panel parts themselves but is having difficulty finding these smaller parts. It includes everything you need wire up your control panel nice and neat as per the instructions on our website.

The wire cutting, stripping, and crimping tools you'll need are also available as an optional add-on.

Already included in all control panel kits.

Our Price: $88 USD (and up)   BUY NOW »

Volt/Amp meters & power supplies

Having problems sourcing your own meters or finding ones that match? These are the same meters and power supplies we use in our control panel.

Already included in all control panel kits.

Our Price: $9.50 USD (and up)   BUY NOW »

Kettle Accessories

Custom Temperature Probes

These are the same RTD (resistive thermal device) temperature probes that we use in our brewery, available pre-assembled (ready to use) or in DIY kit form (assembly and soldering required).

We use RTD instead of thermocouple probes in our brewery as they offer greater accuracy over the brewing temperature range. RTDs also remain more accurate over time (less drift which means less re-calibration).

Tri-Clover, custom lengths, and replacement cables now available.

Our Price: $42 USD (and up)   BUY NOW »

Heating Element Kits

These are the same heating element kits that we use in our brewery.

Two heating elements are usually used: One is installed in the Hot Liquor Tank to heat strike and sparge water, the other in the Boil Kettle to boil wort.

Available completely assembled, or in kit form. 

Our Price: $145 USD (and up)   BUY NOW »

Hop Stopper

We have yet to find anything that filters hops and hot break from our boil kettle as well as our 100% stainless steel Hop Stopper. Even our 23 oz Imperial IPA posed no problems.

Two sizes are available.

Our Price: $76.95 USD   BUY NOW »

Custom HERMS Coil

These custom HERMS coils have been professional manufactured to our specifications by a US-based stainless tubing company, ready for use in our electric brewery setup. The longer 50 foot length ensures that heat transfer is maximized and the large 1/2 inch tubing minimizes flow restriction.

Two sizes are available to fit just about any kettle available.

Our Price: $220 USD   BUY NOW »


Gift Certificates

Give the gift of electric brewing! Has someone been bugging you about upgrading to an all electric brewing setup? Buy them a gift certificate, redeemable with our official manufacturer (Spike Innovations).

Various denominations are available, from $5 to $1000. Gift certificates can be combined and may be printed or sent by email (delayed delivery is available to have your email arrive at exactly the right time).

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The Complete Guide to Building Your Home Brewery

This is an electronic book version of the build instructions on our website, suitable for printing or reading offline. All links continue to work. Available for immediate download after payment.

Over 350 pages of detailed step by step instructions with hundreds of pictures and diagrams. Includes everything you need to know about building your own Electric Brewery using industrial grade equipment. We show you what's needed, where to get it, and how to assemble it.

Our Price: $19.95 USD   BUY NOW » Fun Stuff shirts, aprons, caps, mugs, calendars, stickers, iPhone/iPad covers, and more.

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