Control Panel (Part 1)


STEP 5: Move grounding post

You may skip this step if building from one of our control panel kits as the grounding post in the custom enclosure we include does not need to be moved.

The enclosure door includes a grounding post that (as luck would have it) will be in the way of our blue LED power light. We're going to move the post.

Cut the post off and file the stump down on the inside of the door until reasonably flat. Drill a small 1/8" diameter hole using a bit approximately half way between the blue LED power light and volt meter holes using drill and a high speed steel (HSS) drill bit. Sand off the paint around the hole on the inside of the door and install a 8-32 x 1" stove bolt such that the bolt head is on the outside of the door. Use a nut on the inside and tighten down firmly. The nut pressing against the bare metal door ensures that the stove bolt makes good electrical contact with the door. The stove bolt and door are now 'connected' electrically.

Apply liberal amounts of JB Weld epoxy at the base of the stove bolt on the inside of the door. Use enough so that it completely covers the nut and some of the door (see picture below). Allow to dry overnight and apply a second layer of JB Weld if required and wait. File down the head of the stove bolt on the outside until flush with the door panel. Done! The grounding post has been moved. Once we prime and paint the door it won't be obvious that the grounding post was moved.

The grounding post was moved to make room for the blue LED power light: