Control Panel (Part 2)


STEP 12: Wall mounting

The control panel is quite heavy once assembled (we'd guess at least 40-50 lbs). How you fasten it to the wall will depend on the material/composition of the wall in your brewery.

If your brewery walls use standard wall studs made out of wood, you'll want to use 4" lag bolts through the tile/drywall to fasten the panel directly to the studs for proper support. If the walls are concrete or cinder block, use 4" concrete bolts.

Four mounting brackets are included with the enclosure for wall mounting. The space between the mounting brackets did not align with the standard wall stud spacing in our brewery so we used a 24x28x3/4" back plate made out of MDF.

The back plate was stained to match the brew stand and then attached to a wall stud in 3 locations using 4x3/8" lag bolts and washers. Prior to permanently attaching the back plate to the wall, 4 holes were drilled and countersunk from the back for the 4 mounting bracket bolts. The control panel was then mounted to the back plate using the included mounting brackets. The bolts come through the back plate from the back such that the nuts are attached from the outside. This allows us to remove the control panel without having to remove the back plate (if required).

1/2" to 3/4" pipe straps were used for cable management. The straps were only attached on one side to make it possible to remove the cables if required.

Mounting bracket holding the control panel to the back plate:

Pipe straps keep the cables organized:


There you have it!  Your control panel is now 100% operational!

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