Control Panel (Part 2)


STEP 8: Wire up pumps

We use two pumps in our brewery. We use one for pumping wort while the other is used for pumping water, hence the names "wort pump" and "water pump".

Our control panel has an on/off selector switch for each. When on, the 120V green pilot light turns on and power is supplied to the pump receptacle.

Pretty simple!



Pump switches and lights:


Wire up the components as shown in the diagram below using the wire sizes and colours indicated.

Pump wiring diagram: 


How it works 

The pump wiring is very straight forward: The on/off selector switches control the flow of power to the 125VAC/15A receptacles and the 120V green LED pilot lights.

The sets of receptacles and lights are wired in parallel, which ensures that both receive 120V AC.

Location of the components: