STEP 3: Build a pump stand

We chose to attach our pumps to a small wood stand instead of bolting them directly to our brew stand. This makes them portable (in case we want to brew elsewhere) and easier to drain after cleaning (we tip them forward to remove excess water from the pump head).

A 6x10" rectangular stainless steel shield ships with all Blichmann BoilerMaker kettles (to keep heat off the attached Blichmann BrewMometer for those who use them with propane/gas powered setups). We use one shield per pump to create a shroud to partially protect the motors from accidental drips or splashes. (They also provide a nice stainless look to an otherwise drab pump!)

The stand was then stained to match the rest of the brew strand (more information). The pump stand assembly (once the pumps are attached) is heavy enough that it doesn't move around as the ball valves are adjusted.

The pictures below show what we built along with dimensions, but just about any little stand will do. Be creative!

 Three 6" pieces of 1x2" lumber attached to the top of a 20" piece of 1x10". Two 9" pieces of 2x6" are used as feet. Held together with  #8 x 1.5" flat head wood screws.

Each pump is held in place with four 3/16" x 1" stove bolts and nuts.

Two 1/4" diameter plastic clamps are used to keep strain off the wire connection point on the motor.

The stainless steel shields are not attached to anything.  They're held in place by friction and protect the pump motor from accidental drips or spills while still allowing heat to escape.


One more step completed. You can now pump stuff!

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