STEP 1: Attach the locking plug

We cut the standard 120V/15A plug off the end of the cord and wrapped the wire in 1/4" carbon colour expandable braided sleeving and used about 6" of 3/8" black heat shrink tubing at each end to help ensure that the braided sleeving did not fray. While not required, it gives the wire a nice finished look and helps protect it. 

Slide the expandable sleeving on first followed by the shrink wrap tubing. Apply heat using a heat gun to shrink the tubing.

A new NEMA L5-15 (125VAC, 15A) twist lock electrical male plug was then attached in place of the one we cut off. We chose to use turn-lock or 'locking' plugs as they plug in like any normal plug but then are turned slightly to lock them in place to prevent accidental disconnection. While not absolutely required, it's an added safety precaution.

There are 3 wires inside the cord: Black (Hot), White (Neutral), and Green (Ground).

Referring to the diagram on the right, the green goes to the pin labelled "G" (usually a green screw), the white goes to the pin labelled "W" (usually a silver screw), the black goes to the unlabelled pin (usually a brass screw).

Make sure your wire is held tightly by the plug crimp/strain relief. This ensures that strain isn't placed on the wire screw connectors.

Don't want to cut off the plug? Consider using a pump extension cord.

Expandable braided sleeving, heat shrink tubing, and locking plug installed:

The locking plugs connect to the receptacles labelled WORT PUMP and WATER PUMP on our control panel: