Pump with high temperature stainless steel housing (3/4" MPT center inlet, 1/2" MPT outlet) 115V


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The larger 3/4" center inlet (as compared to the usual 1/2" bottom-positioned inlet) allows for much simplified priming. A common complaint from brewers with standard 1/2" inlet pumps is that they require extra work to prime through specially installed bleeder valves and/or by playing with the hoses. These extra parts are not required if using this pump.

We use March brand pumps (made in the USA). Knockoffs made offshore are available as well. For our use both March 809 and 815 pumps will work. The difference is negligible.

Stay away from pumps with polysulfone (plastic) heads as they are somewhat brittle and easily damaged by overtightening when attaching fittings or from dropping.

Some pumps have very short power cords - add an extension cord.


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