Brew Stand


STEP 2: Staining

We stained the brew stand to give it a nice finished look that matches the terracotta tiles in the rest of the room. This was a three step process:

  1. MinWax pre-stain wood conditioner to help provide uniform stain penetration (1 coat).
  2. MinWax Rosewood stain (1 coat).
  3. MinWax polyurethane clear semi-gloss for a durable and protected finish (2-3 coats).

Follow the instructions found on the product packaging. We used disposable foam brushes. When applying the multiple coats of the polyurethane, wrap up the brush in a plastic bag so that you can re-use the same brush between coats.

Staining the brew stand is a three step process using pre-stain conditioner, stain, and polyurethane:

The wine storage was also stained to match the brew stand: 



To protect the finish we recommend using large cork heat mats (the kind you use under hot cooking pots to avoid burning a table). These are most important under the Boil Kettle as the temperature reaches boiling.

The Mash/Lauter Tun and Hot Liquor Tank generally will not go above about 170F and we have not had any issues using them directly on the wood finish.

If using a stainless steel commercial work table heat mats are not required. We find that the heat from the kettles does not transfer readily to the table.

Your brew stand is now complete!

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