Heating Elements


STEP 2: Cut a 2-1/4" hole in the bottom of the conduit box

Cut a 2-1/4" diameter hole in the middle of bottom of the 2-gang conduit box using the 2-1/4" bi-metal hole saw installed in a drill press

The hole is larger than the previous 1-1/4" hole we punched in the cover as we want to leave enough room for the inside edge of the heating element.

A hand drill will work too, but a drill press is much faster and accurate, if you have one handy.

One of the best tools that we added to our workshop recently was a drill press - it makes cutting holes so much easier and more accurate than we could have ever imagined.

A drill press doesn't have to take up much space and many are available for considerably under $100. It'll come in extremely handy later on when we cut holes for our control panel


Use a drill press and 2-1/4" bi-metal hole saw to cut a larger hole in the center of the 2-gang conduit box. 3” heavy-duty C-clamps hold the conduit box in place: