Temperature Probes


Parts and Tools

To purchase temperature probes pre-assembled or in kit form, see our products page.

The following parts are needed: 

  • (Qty: 1) Stainless steel liquid tight RTD sensor, 2” probe, M14x1.5 Metric thread, detachable connector (model number PT100-L50M14) with silicone washer and stainless steel nut   (Buy at: AuberInstruments)
  • (Qty: 2) RECOMMENDED*: Stainless steel liquid tight RTD sensor, 1.5” probe, 1/2" NPT thread, detachable connector (model number PT100-L401/2NPT)    (Buy at: AuberInstruments)
    - or -
    (Qty: 2) Stainless steel liquid tight RTD sensor, 2” probe, 1/4" NPT thread, detachable connector (model number PT100-L50NPT)    (Buy at: AuberInstruments)
  • (18 feet) 1/8" expandable braided sleeving - black colour  (Buy at: AmazoneBay)
  • (18 feet) 1/8" expandable braided sleeving - blue colour  (Buy at: AmazoneBay)
  • (18 feet) Stainless steel wire rope, 1x7 strand, 1/32" diameter, 150 pound break strength  (Buy at: Amazon, eBay)
  • (Qty: 3) Female XLR3 (3 pin) cable connector   (Buy at: AmazoneBay)
  • (Qty: 3) 2 inch piece of 5/8" black heat shrink tubing  (Buy at: AmazoneBay)
  • (Qty: 3) 2 inch piece of 1/4" black heat shrink tubing  (Buy at: AmazoneBay)
  • (Qty: 3) 6 inch piece of 1/4" black heat shrink tubing  (Buy at: AmazoneBay)
  • (Qty: 3) Small nylon cable tie  (Buy at: AmazoneBay)

*The probe with 1/2" NPT thread is recommended as it will not require a bushing (reducer) to fit in 1/2" plumbing. This is a newer probe that has only recently become available.


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You'll also need the following tools:


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