Hot Liquor Tank


STEP 3: Attach the HERMS coil to the ball valves

The HERMS coil is now attached to the compression fittings inside the kettle.

Loosen the compression fittings, slide the coil ends in, and then tighten securely with a wrench to create a nice tight connection. These compression fittings (as the name implies) simply hold by compressing a ring against the stainless tubing as the compression fitting is tightened. Teflon tape should not be used.

The compression side of the fittings (the nut farthest from the kettle wall) should be tightened down on the coil until finger tight and then a wrench should be used to turn it another full rotation or so to swage (compress) the ferrules inside onto the coil tubing. This forms the tight seal. Be aware that once swaged, the ferrule cannot be moved or reused.

Remove the nylon cable ties. The HERMS coil will be suspended by the compression fittings, approximately one inch above the heating element (exact distance is not critical).

The finished HERMS coil installed in the HLT.

A close-up of the HERMS coil attached to the compression fittings: