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As the sweet wort is heated in the Boil Kettle and starts to approach boiling temperature, a thick foam will form over the surface made up of coagulated proteins. 

Many brewers (including us) like to skim this foam off and discard it.

Some believe it can cause off-flavours (mostly in lighter beers such as pilsners and some lagers). We find this doubtful but we prefer to skim off the foam anyway.

Some brewers call this foam 'foop'. It's high in protein, sweet, and actually quite tasty!

We think the best reason to get into the habit of 'scooping your foop' is that you'll always be paying attention during the most important stage of the boil when boil overs can occur. By watching and skimming until the foam settles down, you should never experience a messy boil-over.

Removing the coagulated proteins also help reduce the chance of boil over to begin with (there's less foam to foam up), and results in less material to filter at the end of the boil.

We use a stainless steel skimmer to 'scoop our foop'.

A thick foam starting to form as the wort approaches boiling temperature:

'Scooping our foop':