STEP 3: Water hose (optional)

This step is optional as there are many ways to initially fill the Hot Liquor Tank with cold water for brewing. If you use city water like us, you will find this water hose useful. 

We use one of our existing four foot silicone hoses built as per the previous pages, attached to a special four foot water hose (shown below) to connect to our water faucet.

This water hose is simply a female garden hose swivel coupling on one end and a male quick disconnect with 1/2" barb on the other, connected by a piece of silicone tubing.

Breakdown of parts:

(A) Stainless steel male quick disconnect 1/2" barb
(B) Stainless steel smooth-band worm-drive hose clamp (5/8" to 1-1/16" clamp diameter range)
(C) High temperature food-grade silicone tubing (1/2" ID 7/8" OD)
(D) Brass 1/2" hose barb to female garden hose swivel coupling
(E) Faucet to garden hose adapter

Tighten the hose clamps using a screwdriver until they are very snug and firm (cannot be pulled off). While the special smooth-band hose clamp we use are specifically designed for silicone tubing, make sure not to overtighten and damage the hose.

We do not recommend using regular hose clamps for silicone tubing as the band can cut into the hose when tightening and over time as the hose is moved. The special smooth-band hose clamps we use have a smooth band with rolled edges ideal for use with silicone hoses.

To fill the Hot Liquor Tank, the water hose is attached to the garden hose adapter already on our sink faucet while the male quick disconnect attaches to any one of the other hoses already built. This then attaches to the water input valve at the top of the Hot Liquor Tank. Make sure to open the Hot Liquor Tank water input valve before turning on the water as silicone tubing is soft and may blow up like a balloon if the water pressure is high enough.

Food grade reinforced vinyl (PVC) tubing may also be used here if you like as the cold water temperature greatly reduces the possibilities of leeching any off flavours from the vinyl. We prefer to use silicone tubing for anything that comes in contact with our brewing water or wort.

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