The Complete Guide to Building Your Brewery

This is an electronic book version of the build instructions on our website perfect for reading offline, for printing, or for just having a complete backup. Available for immediate download after payment - no waiting!

Over 380 pages of detailed step by step instructions with hundreds of pictures and diagrams! See the images below for sample pages.  

Our complete guide includes everything you need to know about building your own Electric Brewery using industrial grade equipment. We show you what's needed, where to get it, and how to assemble it in easy to follow steps. No need to understand electrical schematics or AutoCAD drawings!

Build a brewery capable of producing anywhere from 5 to 30+ gallons of beer using a standard dryer or stove outlet commonly found in most North American homes. 100% electric makes it safe, easy, and enjoyable to use indoors. Built with industrial quality parts that are made to last, this brewery is designed for extremely repeatable and consistent results that do not limit the brewer in any way.

We've never had had any issues or problems with our Electric Brewery. We've never had a stuck sparge, never missed a target gravity, never had over/under temperature issues, and never had clogged valves or pump priming issues. Our setup just works which allows us to focus our attention on the fun aspects of brewing instead of fighting with the equipment to get it to work correctly.

Look forward to the days when you brew! Hobbies like brewing are supposed to be enjoyable!



"I chose to go with The Electric Brewery first because I needed to brew all grain indoors year round. Only electric heating elements are building code compliant where I live. The Electric Brewery setup is incredible. It is elegant, brewhouse efficient, affordable, flexible in both implementation and function, and has incredible WOW factor. The instructions and links to supplies, components and tools are simply brilliant. My non-brewing DIY friends are amazed at Kal's website. The ability to control temperature is a major advantage of this setup. It allows both beginning brewers and experienced brewers the opportunity to brew high quality beer and reproduce it again and again." - Jim H., Asheville NC (see photos)

"The Brew on Premises that we built using TheElectricBrewery control panel and design is a cornerstone to our business. We've brewed over 300 batches in just a year and a half and ALL the equipment and components are still working like the day we got them." - Douglas Amport, Co-Owner, Bitter & Esters (Brooklyn's first do-it-yourself brewery)

"Professional brewers need to be able to reproduce the same recipe over and over. One of the worst things I can think of as a brewer would be for us to produce a great batch of beer and have people enjoy it, only to not be able to reproduce those results on the next batch! That's how you lose the faith of your customer base. What I found was that while our (previous) home brew system produced great beer, we had very little control and our batches could vary from batch to batch. In short, we needed to update our brew system to afford more control over each batch. And with that, we started building a pilot system (based on The Electric Brewery design). Our new electric set up is designed to mirror the process and functionality of professional breweries. We have hand built our ½ barrel (15 Gallon) electric pilot system to help us produce a consistent product and achieve our ultimate goal of recipe replication on a 15 barrel (210 Gallon) professional system." - Brian Holter & Kingsley Toby, Co-Founders/Brewers, Pipe Dream Brewery, Los Angeles CA (List of award winning beers)

"This is the coolest, most badass homebrewing set up I’ve seen. Ever." - (read complete review)

"If you want an advanced system, solid consistency, ease of use, long term investment, easy serviceability and a total wow factor, you can't beat The Electric Brewery." - Scott B. (read complete review)

"You’ve done the best job I’ve seen to date pulling together a comprehensive build plan for an electric system." - Brad Ring, Publisher, Brew Your Own magazine

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