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NOTE: The Hop Stopper has to be ordered separately as it ships directly from the manufacturer.

Custom models available for any kettle. We ship worldwide. Contact us for custom quotes or international orders.

Hop Stopper BK30

For Blichmann kettles up to 30 gallons in size. 100% stainless steel.

Our price: $79.95 USD 


Hop Stopper BK55

For 55 gallon Blichmann kettles. 100% stainless steel.


Our price: $115.95 USD


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We ship worldwide directly from the IHomeBrewSolutions manufacturer using USPS. Hop Stoppers have been shipped all over the world. Contact us for international quotes or custom orders. 

Most orders ship within 1 day of payment.

100% money back guarantee on the Hop Stopper: If you are not satisfied with it’s performance, just return it within 1 year of purchase and we’ll gladly refund your money including the original shipping cost.

Payment methods include PayPal and all major credit cards (PayPal account *not* needed to pay by credit card). Our payment processor will automatically convert the amount to your local currency.


This is the same 100% stainless steel Hop Stopper we use to filter hops and hot break material from our Boil Kettle. We've been using it for years and it is highly effective. Works equally well with both pellet and whole hops. Extract almost every last drop of wort!

It's a large stainless steel mesh screen that covers a dip tube that extends down to the bottom of the kettle. The bottom of the dip tube is notched such that wort flows into it from all sides.

We use an all stainless steel version instead of one with copper/brass parts as stainless steel is easier to clean, stronger, and holds up better over the years to contact with acidic liquids such as beer.

Hop Stoppers specifically made for Blichmann Boilermaker kettles are available that do not have a screw connector to attach to the kettle. They simply slide in by hand, making removal for cleaning much easier. For complete installation instructions and pictures see our Boil Kettle instructions.

Various Hop Stopper configurations are available:

  • Hop Stopper BK30: For Blichmann Boilermaker kettles (both G1 and G2 models) up to 30 gallons in size. All stainless steel. The overall diameter of the screen cavity is about 9". The distance from the dip tube connection point to the opposite edge of the screen cavity is about 10". There is approximately 3 to 3-1/2" of tubing protruding from the dip tube connection point. The overall height is about 3-1/4" to 3-1/2" installed. Order using the BUY NOW button on the right.
  • Hop Stopper BK55: For 55 gallon Blichmann Boilermaker kettles (both G1 and G2 models). All stainless steel. The overall diameter of the screen cavity is about 16". The distance from the dip tube connection point to the opposite edge of the screen cavity is about 17". There is approximately 3 to 3-1/2" of tubing protruding from the dip tube connection point. The overall height is just under 4" installed. Order using the BUY NOW button on the right.
  • Standard Hop Stopper: For virtually any other kettle with NPT threads on the kettle interior. Stainless steel screen and clamp, copper dip tube, brass connector fitting. Same sizeing as the BK30. Contact us to order.
  • All Stainless Steel Hop Stopper: For virtually any other kettle with NPT threads on the kettle interior. All stainless steel. Same sizeing as the BK30. Contact us to order.


Are Hop Stoppers available for other kettles?

Yes! Custom Hop Stoppers are available for any kettle size from any manufacturer for any fitting (including 3/8" NPT or 1/2" NPT, male or femail threads). Email us your kettle type and address for an exact quote.

For kettle types other than Blichmann, you'll need to provide the dip tube measurement height as the dip tube will be custom made. Refer to the figure below:

Place a board or other straight and rigid object across the top of the kettle (a 2 x 4 works well). Measure from the underside of the board down to the bottom center of the kettle (Dim A). Write this number down. Now measure from the underside of the board down the outside of the kettle to the center of the outlet fitting (Dim B). Subtract B from A to get X. X is the vertical distance from the center of the fitting to the bottom center of the kettle. Although the figure above shows a converted keg, this procedure also works for flat bottomed pots as well.


How does it compare to using strainer bags or hop spiders?

Some brewers like to put their hops in little bags or hop spiders that hang off the side of the kettle. It's important to note that while these solutions may filter out hops at the end of the boil, they do nothing to keep the hot break and other coagulates out your fermenter. They only filter out hops. The fabric bags that some brewers use are also not food safe and may cause the hops to clump together, reducing oil extraction.


Hints on use with a pump with the Hop Stopper

Slow down the pump rate to a very slow trickle as soon as the Hop Stopper becomes exposed to air. Due to the efficient nature of the Hop Stopper, pumping too fast allows air to enter the filter screen from the top instead of wort entering from the bottom. This results in the Hop Stopper completely draining which in turn causes it to lose siphon. Watch for bubbles in the hose leaving the Boil Kettle as the sign that the siphon is getting ready to break. If this happens, immediately CLOSE the Wort Pump valve for approximately 10 seconds to allow wort to refill the Hop Stopper screen cavity. Then slowly OPEN the Wort Pump valve to finish draining the boil kettle at a reduced flow rate.



The standard sized 100% stainless steel Hop Stopper installed in our 20 gallon Boil Kettle:

The Standard Hop Stopper next to the Extra Large Hop Stopper (meant for 55 gallon kettles and larger):

The Standard Hop Stopper after successfully filtering out 23 oz of hops from one of our Imperial IPAs.
The hop material is over 2" thick in spots but the kettle still drained without issues!



"I bought a Hop Stopper last week and used it last weekend to brew a Belgian Dubbel. This was the first time I did not use a hop bag for my hop additions and on top of that I used some pureed organic raisins near the end of the boil. I'm happy to report that the hop stopper left all the hops, raisin fiber and hot break in the kettle! I have a American Brown on the itinerary with whole and leaf hops and I have no doubt now the Hop Stopper will handle that with ease too. Its nice not to have to mess with those bags.Thank you for a good product and especially for your quick response time." - Harvey H.


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