Custom HERMS Coil

50 foot custom stainless steel HERMS coil   

Our price: $160 USD

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Coiling the HERMS coil has proven to be one of the most difficult aspects of building our brewery for many users (see some of the failed attempts).

We offer custom stainless steel HERMS coils that have been professionally manufactured to our specifications by a US-based stainless tubing company, ready for use in our electric brewery setup.

These coils are easy to install even in tight kettles due to the cross-over design. Having the ends come from the opposite sides of the coil allows for more flex simplifying installation.

The longer 50 foot length ensures that heat transfer is maximized and the large 1/2 inch tubing minimizes flow restriction.


What size do I need?

Two sizes are available:

  • STANDARD: 15.5" diameter, 7" high (measurements taken center of tubing to center of tubing). Will work in any kettle with an inner wall diameter of at least 16" such as the 20 gallon Blichmann Boilermaker kettles (or larger). The holes in the kettle wall should be 7" apart (center to center), however we recommend you wait to receive your coil to confirm before punching your holes.
  • SMALL: 11.25" diameter, 9.5" high (measurements taken center of tubing to center of tubing). Will work in any kettle with an inner wall diameter of at least 11.75" such as the 10 gallon Blichmann Boilermaker kettles or 15 gallon kegs (keggles). The holes in the kettle wall should be 9.5" apart (center to center), however we recommend you wait to receive your coil to confirm before punching your holes.

The ends of the coil extend approximately 2" past the diameter to allow the user to cut to the exact length they need as every kettle will be slightly different. Cut the ends using a hacksaw and file the edges smooth with a metal file so that there are no burrs. If you want to get a nice clean cut, use a stainless steel tubing cutter instead as it will create a perfect cut without burrs.



  • Total length: 50 feet
  • Material: 1/2 inch OD 304 stainless steel, 0.035" wall thickness.
  • Ends: Bent at a 90 degree angle to exit straight out of kettle wall, lining up perpendicular with each other.

Installation instructions are available in our Complete Guide to Building your Home Brewery or online here.



Standard 15.5" diameter coil:

Placed temporarily inside a 20 gallon Blichmann Boilermaker kettle to show relative size:


Visit the official Custom HERMS Coil product thread in our forum.

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