Camco #02963 5500W 240VAC ultra low watt density (ULWD) RIPP element


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* Note: We recommend that the new Camco 02965 stainless steel heating element be used instead. This is a newer model that Camco has only recently introduced specifically for brewers. It has a stainless steel base that will not rust. The Camco 02963 model shown here has been extremely popular with homebrewers, but given that it does not have a stainless base, it should not be left in water for extended periods. We now include the new stainless steel Camco models in all of our heating element kits. It is also available for order separately.

ULWD stands for 'Ultra Low Watt Density' which means that the heat produced per square inch along the element is very low (50W per square inch or 7.8W per square centimeter). This greatly reduces the chance of scorching or caramelizing the boiling wort. ULWD elements will also not break immediately if dry fired (fired when not immersed in water).

The equivalent 4500W/240V ULWD element is the Camco 02953. We recommend the new Camco 02955 which is the stainless base version.

All Camco heating elements are all UL listed for use in USA and Canada.

Any 240V heating element can be run at 120V to output only one quarter (25%) of the rated output.


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