90 degree 1/2" hose barb for Brew Bucket lid


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1/2" hose barb 304 stainless construction. Custom tooled for Brew Bucket lids. Fits into blow off/airlock hole, or in our case to the 3" tri-clamp cap, replacing the existing straight hose barb. The 90 degree turn makes it easier to fit the Brew Buckets in our fermenting fridges.

Attach 1/2" tubing using a hose clamp (not included).

Comes with a spare o-ring (one o-ring for use plus one spare).

Brew Buckets in 4 cubic foot 45-bottle wine coolers (shelves removed)

Close-up of the optional 3" tri-clamp dome lid, 3" tri-clamp cap, 90 degree hose barb, and 3" tri-clover clamp. 4 feet of 1/2" silicone tubing is attached to the hose barb using a hose clamp.

For more information see the Ferment and package step of our Brew Day: Step by Step article.


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