30A/240V DPDT or DPST relay with 120V AC coil


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DPDT stands for (D)ouble [P)ole (D)ouble (T)hrow while DPST stands for (D)ouble (P)ole (S)ingle (T)hrow. The 'poles' are the switches that open and close as current is applied to the coil. The poles must support at least 30A "resistive" load at 240V AC. Often the relay will have a second "inductive" current rating which is lower. The 'throw' indicates the number of switch positions available. For our application a single pole is sufficient, but most relays (including the one shown at right) include double poles. The coil must be rated for 120V AC. Relays may come with or without covers which will not affect the performance or functionality.

A definite purpose contactor may be used instead of a relay. The functionality is the same.

These relays are included in our control panel kits.


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