Wort Chiller


STEP 2: Attach the 'wort out' quick disconnect and thermometer

We're going to attach a male quick disconnect to the wort output side of the counterflow chiller along with a thermometer so that we can monitor the temperature of the cooled wort. We'll be able to adjust the wort temperature by adjusting the flow of the hot wort and cold water.

The stainless steel waterproof thermometer has a large easy to read 3" face and a 2-4" probe that will sit in the wort fluid flow to measure the temperature. This is a good quality bi-metal thermometer that provides fast response to temperature changes as flow adjustments are made. Some cheaper thermometers will often 'stick' requiring constant finger taps to obtain accurate readings.

Like in previous instructions, wrap all threaded ends first with PTFE white teflon thread sealant tape to ensure a tight, leak-free fit. 

If you are not using the recommended convoluted counterflow chiller then follow the previous instructions for the 'wort in' connection to place the smaller end of the compression fitting, small ferrule (flat end facing up), and the three o-rings on the bare end of the copper pipe.

As previously done, tighten the remaining parts to the larger half of the compression fitting and then screw the entire assembly to the smaller half. Tighten until finger tight and then use a wrench to tighten another full rotation to compress the o-rings. We now have a way of attaching ½” NPT fittings to the wort output and will attach the thermometer and male quick disconnect using a stainless steel tee.

Breakdown of parts:

(A) Stainless steel bi-metal thermometer 1/2" NPT male with 2-4" probe
(B) Stainless steel male quick disconnect 1/2" NPT male
(C) Stainless steel tee 1/2" NPT female
(D) Stainless steel nipple threaded 1/2" x close NPT
(E) Stainless steel 5/8" compression x 1/2" NPT female fitting (if required)