Temperature Controller


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Temperature controllers are used to control the temperature of a fridge or freezer for fermentation. (Also useful for converting a freezer into a kegorator for serving beer).

The Johnson Controls A419 (shown in picture) is a popular choice that has proven very reliable. It's the model we use on our keezer (keg freezer). It includes features that avoid fridges or freezers from cycling too often (not good for the compressor).

To use simply set the fridge or freezer to the coldest setting, plug the fridge or freezer into the temperature controller, and the temperature controller into a wall outlet. Use the up/down buttons to set the temperature. The temperature probe placed inside the freezer or fridge now controls the temperature instead of the fridge or freezer.

More advanced temperature control units will have two power controls: One for heating and one for cooling.

Not suitable for controlling high powered heating elements.


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