Miscellaneous Parts


Grain scale

To measure and weigh out grain, we use an inexpensive digital kitchen scale with 1 gram (0.04 oz) resolution and 10 lb capacity with a 5 quart mixing bowl.

The resolution of 1 gram (0.04 oz) is more than accurate enough. For measuring grain even 1 oz would be fine but most kitchen scales we've seen are all 10-20 lb max / 1 gram resolution.

10 pounds is more than the hopper on our grain mill (and mixing bowl) can handle so there's no need for a larger capacity scale.

The mixing bowl is first placed on the scale, the zero/tare button is pressed to zero the scale, and then grain is added and measured as required by the recipe we're creating.

We typically measure out grain in 4-5 lb increments. Just enough to fill the mixing bowl. A typical 12 gallon (post boil) batch of 5% ABV beer requires approximately 18 lbs of grain when brewed on our setup.

Digital kitchen scale and 5 quart mixing bowl: