Miscellaneous Parts


This article lists all of the extra items required when actually using your Electric Brewery that most people would consider as being 'separate' from the actual brewing system. Most of these items are used every brew day.

Many of these items we find incredibly helpful and important in making repeatable and consistent beer.  

Some brewers may choose to simplify or do things differently, so we suggest you read the text and decide for yourself if these items are right for you.

More Information on how to use these items is listed in the Brew Day: Step by Step guide that walks you through the various steps in a typical brew day.  For greater detail on adjusting water for brewing, refer to our Water Adjustment guide.

For now we'll describe what these items are, and why we chose to use them.

Happy brewing! 

Some of the various items we use in our brewery on brew day:

The apron was a gift from a good friend and reads 'BEER: The reason I get up every afternoon' ;)