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Interested in brewing some truly interesting world class beers? You've come to the right place!

Our Electric Brewery design is used in over 60 countries by homebrewers, commercial breweries, brew on premise shops, brew pubs, restaurants, industrial and entertainment corporations, distilleries, kombucha brewers, and more! Visit our Testimonials page for some examples.

We provide you with everything you need to know to build your own Electric Brewery using non-proprietary (off-the-shelf) industrial grade components. We show you what's needed, where to get it, and how to assemble it in easy to follow steps. No need to understand electrical schematics or AutoCAD drawings. The best part is that the instructions are 100% free.

See the articles to the left and get started building your brewery today. An electronic book of our build instructions is also available for printing or reading offline.

Don't want to build it or source the parts yourself? Visit our Products page where we offer various components and kits for sale, including our popular Electric Brewery Control Panel

Once completed, brew up some of our award winning recipes using our Brew Day: Step by Step guide.

Got questions? Visit our discussion forum where you can talk to others building and using our design.

We show you how to build this Electric Brewery capable of brewing any style of beer imaginable.
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Our signature Electric Hop Candy - A hazy New England style IPA with a surprisingly soft and pillowy mouthfeel, full of juicy, fruit-forward hop flavours and aromas. More recipes