Kettles (overview)


Parts and tools

Choose your kettle size based on the amount of beer you wish to brew:

Brew up to 5 gallons per batch:

Brew up to 10 gallons per batch (recommended):

Brew up to 15 gallons per batch:

Brew up to 31 gallons (1 barrel) per batch:

Brew up to 62 gallons (2 barrels) per batch:

Note: In late 2014 Blichmann redesigned their kettles calling them the "BoilerMaker G2" and changed the standard ball valve for a proprietary "linear flow" valve. We recommend this be replaced. (Complete details and instructions)

These kettles typically ship directly from the manufacturer regardless of where you order from. Your warranty is also directly with the manufacturer.

The BoilerMaker kettles all come standard with level gauges (including cleaning brush and Allen key), a 3-piece ball valve, a BrewMometer, and a lid. A stainless shield is also provided (for use with propane/gas heated setups). We'll be using that shield later for a different purpose with our pumps.

 You'll also need the following tool to attach the BrewMometer to the kettles:


Once you receive your BoilerMaker kettles, follow the included instructions to install the BrewMometer, dip tube, and false bottom. The thermometers should be calibrated (we recommend using a Thermapen). While we won't be using them (we'll be using electronic thermometers) you might as well make them accurate.

The rest of this section describes the various parts and features found on the BoilerMaker kettles and why we chose them over other solutions.


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