Brew Day: Step by Step


STEP 3: Heat strike water

We need to heat the water so that we can mash (soak) the grain to release the sugars. This heated water is called 'strike' water.

Ensure all control panel cables are properly connected and locked in place and then turn the POWER switch ON. If the control panel does not turn on, make sure that the WORT PUMP, WATER PUMP, and ELEMENT SELECT switches are all OFF. (For added safety the safe start interlock feature will not allow the control panel to turn on if any of these switches are in the ON position).

Connect two of the shorter hoses as shown in the picture below. OPEN the Water Pump valve first, then the Hot Liquor Tank IN valve, and finally the Hot Liquor Tank OUT valve (this order helps ensure the pump head is fully primed). You should hear water gurgling down to the Water Pump and air bubbling out the Hot Liquor tank IN tube inside the kettle.

STEP 3: Heat the strike water

Turn the WATER PUMP switch ON to continuously recirculate water through the Hot Liquor tank. If you are using our recommended pump and have placed it well below the Hot Liquor Tank you should not experience any pump priming issues. The pump will push any remaining air out of the hoses.

Press the UP/DOWN buttons on the Hot Liquor Tank PID until the lower green number reads 149F. This is the mash temperature for our recipe. We are mashing at a fairly low temperature in order to produce a wort that is more fermentable which will leave us with a dryer and lighter tasting beer. Mashing at higher temperatures results in less starch to sugar conversion leaving a beer with a fuller body and flavour. 

Turn the ELEMENT SELECT switch to HLT. The Hot Liquor Tank element will now fire as required to heat the water to 149F and maintain that temperature. It takes approximately 40-60 minutes to heat 20 gallons of cold water to mash temperature with our 5500W heating element. Keep the lid on the Hot Liquor Tank during this period to minimize heat loss. If brewing indoors you may want to run your hood fan at low speed to exhaust any excess heat. 

OPTIONAL ALARM: You may set the Hot Liquor Tank alarm to sound to let you know once 149F is reached. Press and hold the SET button on the Hot Liquor Tank PID until ALM1 is displayed. Press the UP/DOWN buttons until 149 is displayed. To exit the setup menu, wait 10 seconds. Turn the Hot Liquor Tank ALARM switch ON. When the Hot Liquor Tank water temperature reaches 149F the alarm will sound. Turn the Hot Liquor Tank ALARM switch OFF to turn off the alarm.  

Setting the HLT temperature to the 149F mash temperature: