OxiClean "Baby" or "Free" oxygen based cleaner


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When the brew day is done, everything is cleaned. A soft sponge with hot water and elbow grease is all we use to clean the Mash/Lauter Tun and Boil Kettle. The Hot Liquor Tank does not need cleaning as it only ever has water in it.

To wash out the hoses, pumps, and chiller we simply run hot water through them.

When a thorough cleaning is required (every 10 or so batches), we use an oxygen based cleaner such as OxiClean. It's a great (readily available) cleaner for stainless steel and the other materials used in our brewery. We heat up a scoop or two of Oxiclean in the Boil Kettle and circulate it in all the hoses, pumps, and chiller to get off any build-up. It keeps everything nice and clean. Great for cleaning stainless kegs too.

We use the OxiClean Baby or OxiClean Free formulation (same thing) as it is 100% fragrance, chlorine, detergent and dye free.

Other oxygen based brands exist, just make sure they're completely free of any fragrances, chlorine (not good for stainless steel), and dyes.

For other cleaning needs we prefer to use the liquid form in spray bottle as it's more convenient than the powder.


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