Hanna Phep 5 pH meter, model HI 98128


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We recommend and use the Hanna Phep 5 pH meter, model HI 98128 (shown in picture).

Proper mash and water pH adjustment requires us to measure pH. It is completely waterproof and even floats. (Yes, we have dropped ours at least once in our boil kettle!)

Just like the digital probe thermometer, having a waterproof pH meter is (in our opinion) an absolute must. We don't have to worry about humidity getting into the unit and cleaning it under the faucet is dead simple and worry-free as there is no chance of getting the wrong parts wet.

Includes 2-point calibration for greater accuracy, a built in thermometer (very handy), and automatic temperature compensation up to 140F. The electrode (tip) is replaceable too. We've been brewing approximately once or twice a month for the last ~5 years and our first electrode still reads reliably. Once the readings start to jump around, it's time to replace the electrode.

You can purchase cheaper pH meters but they're not waterproof, do not float, only include 1-point calibration (not as accurate), are not temperature compensated, and do not have replaceable electrodes. Once again, you get what you pay for.

Be careful when purchasing as there is a slightly less expensive Hanna Phep 4 pH meter (model HI 98127) that looks identical but only has +/- 0.1 pH accuracy. Make sure to check the model number.

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