Adjustable DC power supply (4-30V AC/DC input, 1.5-27V DC output)


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The power supplies must be able to accept the voltage provided by the doorbell transformers (usually between 8-24V AC) and convert it to 5VDC to power the amp and volt meters. An adjustable output allows us set the brightness of the meters to match the rest of our lights.

Separate power supplies and transformers must be used (one set per meter) in order to isolate the meters from each other. Trying to use one power supply and transformer to power both meters will destroy the meters (and possibly the power supplies) as the volt meter has one of the AC inputs tied to the DC ground.

Make sure to use small rubber washers to keep the leads on the bottom of the circuit board from shorting out against the back plate (destroying the power supplies and possibly the meters as well). Snip off any longer leads before installing. Better yet, use nylon standoffs and screws (included in our control panel kits or if you purchasing these power supplies from us here).

These parts are included in our control panel kits.


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