22-24 gauge telephone station or similar low voltage signal wire (rated to 300V)


Required: 60 feet

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Most telephone station wire will be solid core. It is thin enough that either solid core or stranded may be used easily. Telephone station wire typically provides a bundle of 4 individual conductors in a variery colours making hook-up easier. You may divide the amount required by 4 if you cut the bundle open and use the 4 wires separately, though you may find it more convenient to keep the bundle together as often 2-3 wires will have the same start and end points. Make sure the wire is rated to at least 240V.

Another option is to use hookup wire - it is a single conductor wire, available in multiple colours.

You may find it more convenient to use larger gauge wire between the PIDs and SSRs given the larger screw terminals. We used blue 14 gauge stranded THHN wire in our build.

This wire is included in our control panel kits and control panel wiring kit.


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